The Pre-Approval process is a great way for purchasers to get started with their quest of buying a home. This process ensures that the applicants are able to begin searching for the home that best suits their financial capabilities. With our pre-approvals, we provide up to six month rate hold,

First-Time Buyers represent the largest group of purchasers in today’s real estate market. Recognizing this, Lenders and Insurers have developed progressive ways to allow for many Canadians to purchase their first home, which would otherwise not have been possible under traditional programs.

Although many home owners hesitate when considering the possibility of taking on more debt against their home in the form of a mortgage, ultimately it may make sense for them to do so for several different reasons. With the high rate of unsecured debt growing at approximately 30% per annum in Canada,

Repeat Buyers should take the time to ensure that they are getting the best possible deal, regardless of the fact that they have a mortgage with an existing lender. Lenders typically use this as a bargaining chip against the client, and see this as an opportunity to early renew the mortgage with penalties at times,